Jung Hyunsoo
Vital statistics
Status Supporting cast
Gender Male
Age 30+
Occupation Composer First Time/Drummer
Health Deceased
Other Info
Cast in Drama Ha Jae Young
Anime Vocal Kim Chang


Jung Hyunsoo is also part of the supporting cast and alos a talented composer as well as good drummer in a band. He was a former lover of Kang Mee-hi, a spouse to Kim Yeonhee who is mother to Jeong Yoojin, a close friend to Professor Kim Jinwoo, an,a father to Jeong Yoojin and Huujin. He died when Yoojin was ten years old He also compose the musical piece First Time.


He appears to be slender in feature with dark black haired face thus,he usually is perceived to be tall in appearance and his appearance is proven to be magnet for women when he was young.


He is silent,reserved yet he is unable freely expressing his emotions towards other people which lead him to be cold and unfuzzed over petty issues over relationships. He is firm and steadfast in his decisions and convictions.


Jung Hyunsoo was supposed to be with Mee-hi, unfortunately the family of Mee-hi disapproved for both of them, He decide to wed Kim Yeonhee though Mee-hi was invited and rendered musical piece which Hyunsoo composed "First Time". it was a tearful and heartbreaking scene for Mee-hi and made a roller coaster ride with Hyunsoo after their wedding with Yeonhee.


Jeong YoojinEdit

He is her father and had fond memories with her during "first snow" , she was carried at his back and felt like being protected.

Kim YeonheeEdit

She is his spouse and they were walking the streets of Chuncheon which is according to Yoojin, it would have yielded walking for seven times around the world.

Kang Mee-hiEdit

She was a former lover of Jung Hyunsoo, She played "First Time" during their wedding with Kim Yeonhee.

Prof.Kim JinwooEdit

He is considered one of confidants of Hyunsoo and he also received the musical composition First Time and gave it to Kang Mee-hi


She is a daughter for the couple Jung Hyunsoo and Kim Yeonhee


  • Jung Hyunsoo is a talented composer who composed musical piece entitled "First Time".
  • he is also talented a drummer in a band.


  • Hyunsoo teached Mee-hi how to ride a bike
  • Hyunsoo broke Mee-hi several times during the run of this anime series.